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Prologue from the artisan of life…

Wah! ‘Rags to Riches’… ‘Ashes to astounding growth’… ‘Nothing to most things’… ‘Self-chiselled artist’… anyone or all of these tags put together, rising from ashes like the phoenix could describe this author. The various business platforms to make their online presence of the business or organisation.

My early childhood life was traumatic. My mother attempted suicide seven times when my father assaulted her under or otherwise, the influence of alcohol. Shock, fear and uncertainty pervaded the family environment. No doubt, I was in mental disarray. Somehow managed to get through matriculation. Later, I was thrown out of the college when caught copying. The paucity of food, cloth, shelter apart, physical and mental torture determined my living, and after a year and a half struggle at home, I ran away to Kerala hoping for a fresh lease of Life.

Joined as a construction worker in Hindustan Construction Company. A chaotic lifestyle, turn anywhere ended up in insult, injury, pain, anguish and what not… It was a perpetual hell. Fuelled by love failure came as a twist to the disastrous Life. All these self-made barriers sullied my body and mind, and was waiting for an opportunity to settle scores… True! The misery bottle of mine was full to the brim. 

An accident took place at the site, and the management was at fault. I turned a seething snake and hit the management ferociously… Innocent workers thought that I am fighting for their cause, and in no time, I became a local trade union leader. I used this tool to spit my frustration and failures against the organisation. My furious behaviour catapulted me to become a national trade union leader for the construction industry. Served eleven long years in different capacities as General Secretary and later President. With great pride, I rendered a dedicated service to the job. I travelled far and wide in India and abroad. This broad exposure triggered me to upgrade my academic skill, and I turned graduation into PG to Doctorate in Psychology. The egocentric high-headedness drove me to erratic behaviour with everyone, and the employees who extolled me to glory all along, trampled me to dust, thus making me lose both job and the union Presidentship. Marriage, children, unemployment, forced me to work out a new venture… Marble business turned out to be a successful failure. I invested all the receivables from the marble stock in real estate. Windfall hugged me when Andhra Pradesh was divided, and I turned a millionaire. Broken marriage added a new tag to my lifestyle.

 I am leading a secluded life near Hyderabad under the canopy of an enlightened master called Guruji, who is purging/manoeuvring me to be somebody different from what I was. I am a practising nonclinical psychologist with added dimensions – a journalist, a biographer, a social activist, a short filmmaker, and a humorous motivational speaker conducting programmes in India and Abroad. If a drop out could become a dynamic personality, why not else body on this earth can…