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Pocket books (wallet & pocket friendly)

Why this pocket size book? Amid WhatsApp age and e-books era, I am convinced that it would be difficult for anyone to read a fatty book- be it by a popular author or anonymous one-and most of the readers will never complete that it joins the library. Understanding the time constraints it is intended to bring the essence of a topic in a precise manner, should be handy, cheaper, and holdable- an interlude during  commutation, or a wait for an appointment and finally even you can throw it in a small dustbin. Here comes the Pocket Size book. 

Research, interviews followed by collections from many sources have been compiled in handbook form, just 40 pages with all the ingredients of a normal book-visuals, quotations, case study, foreword, bibliography, ISBN- for just Rs.15…The reader can read through and should you find this publication  worthy, then at least send me a pat on the back through mail. Appreciation is also admiring life. Sounds ridiculous? True. When you appreciate genuinely, complimentary dopamine and serotonin will be pumped into your bloodstream and you feel very light. In addition, your cknowledgement will be a mutual booster for the person who has been desolate, inspiring another at least at the fag end of his life to cherish  those sweet memories depicting how one influences the other-is all a cyclic process,  the wheel of life… Will you?  You will. The Art series are…

  1. Art of Beginning the day
  2. Art of Listening
  3. Art of Speaking
  4. Art of writing
  5. Art of altering Attitude to altitude
  6. Art of Eliminating negativity
  7. Art of Goal setting
  8. Art of Developing self confidence
  9. Art of Nonverbal communication
  10. Art of Building Interpersonal relationships
  11. Art of Eating
  12. Art of Reading
  13. Art of Welcoming Failure
  14. Art of Time managing  
  15. Art of Career building and role of parenting
  16. Marriage, pregnancy and post-natal care
  17. Art of Caring for the Elderly
  18. Art of Acknowledging Rewards & Responsibilities
  19. Art of Ending the day
  20. Art of Gender sensitizing gender bias 

*Aakasamehaddu  Telugu (sky is the limit)

This book is a compilation of 72 stories of successful women, published in the most popular household name magazine called Swati. It is for those who want to get inspired and way forward. Most of the interviews are how an ordinary daughters- born in a village, born to a poor farmer- made their career as a bureaucrat, what have been the passport for their  success to emerge as Civil Servants… read further to reap the real reverberation…


Is it just like any other biography? No. A rational analysis. The story of a dalith; a street vendor becoming a success story, a pilferer becoming a policeman, a dropout becoming a degree holder… finally a love story? Believe to read… The pudding is in the eating.

Come on… just go for a few pages of epilogue… if you are interested then read the book… Else drop it… You could have wasted many hours in the past… I request you to waste a few more moments to read the epilogue… Are you ready?