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Whether or not the pen is mightier than the sword? It was. Now it could be coined: Pen is mightier than the gun. My contemporaries… and the new generation might be witnessing the power of social, print and electronic media playing an influential role in shaping, sharpening and showcasing the whole world in their own format of artistic presentation. Without media, human lives become a void; dull and unenthusiastic. If this is what applaudable contribution of the media is, then, there is another side of the coin – chaotic, manipulative, vengeful, and blackmailing – finally, it is vindictive. I use this page for giving a little twist and turn to your thought process. Ultimately thought makes or mars… While doing all this exercise, my cherished desire is that you should grab something out of something. Will you? I leave it to your wisdom to decide.

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“Attitude, not aptitude, determines your altitude”

Basing on the above principle, we have drawn a colourful canvas portraying how Life and style could be redefined. Art imitates Life imitates Art imitates Life… (Oscar Wilde), to one’s own advantage than succumbing to a superstitious state of ‘this is my fate’. We demonstrate that happiness is one’s birthright and tried to have been the whistle-blower to achieve. You may witness how the fountainhead of joy springs up when a small twist – a robust and straightforward, adaptable and adorable – is engineered in the personality.