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Personality Development

Obstacles and opportunities are the twin sides of Life. When you befall an obstacle, don’t run away. Confront it; challenge it with arms thrown open; explore to enjoy…

If you don’t develop your personality, somebody will, and you are finished.                                        

To be here,- I mean on this earth itself, is a great bliss and blessings. If you think it’s a curse… then don’t read further. Please do what you desire to do. When Subas Chandran could become what he is today (Please read about me) anyone can become what he /she wants to. I mean anybody can… all you need is a small and most powerful word in the world “Faith and confidence in self” or Faith in somebody”… could be God in any form and mater, that FAITH CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS.

You and I are nothing but a bundle of thoughts that make or mar our personality. If you can tune your ideas and meticulously chisel it, then every step will be one leg up. This free pour is from my experience and exclusive. Of course, you don’t need to follow it. But aping or getting inspiration from my path could be a different experience. The learning experience is of four types: personal experience Mahatma Gandhi, examples,-again twofold: witness or shared in literature; acquisition of knowledge-end of education is wisdom, and realization of truth, Albert Einstein; and, from the words of leaders/masters/ Gurujis, like Swami Vivekananda.

The Art of Self Development is not taught but expressed and experienced. Please browse through should you find the time, else listen to your wisdom and move forward. But a few minutes of skimming through the pages may turn over a new leaf of your Life. Just try if it is worth and hit me through a mail.